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Who am I? What do I do?

I'm Graham, a freelance website designer and developer from the UK. Freshly returned from travelling around the world I'm now back based in the UK and accepting new projects.

Originally from Surrey in the south east of England I studied Multimedia Computing at the University of the West of England in Bristol, graduating with first-class honours in 2011. Since 2010 I have worked with numerous clients ranging from small businesses to experienced creative agencies to deliver a range of projects including small micro-sites, new business branding, emailers, large multilingual sites and complex sites with a bespoke content management system. Prior to establishing myself as a freelance designer and developer I worked at a busy creative marketing agency with a client base including large international brands.

I am drawn to websites which use a powerful, complex technology and wrap it in an elegant interface which users intuitively know how to use without lengthy instruction. Understanding exactly how a user interprets a website and designing to simplify this is the single most important part of what I do. This combination has led to me to work with both the front and back end aspects of website design.

My design work starts with sketches and basic wireframe prototypes before becoming a fully fledged design incorporating academic teachings on human computer interaction to design a website or web application which both looks great and is easy for users to understand. Using the latest standards based technologies I turn this design into a fully functional website. Technologies and languages used include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MVC PHP Frameworks (such as CodeIgniter), XML, ActionScript. My websites can be built with a content management system such as WordPress, Concrete5, Expression Engine or a truly bespoke solution allowing you to control the content of your own website.

Besides this I also incorporate e-commerce functionality and connectivity with any number of third party services and social networks including Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Web Services, Last.fm and EchoNest.

I'm currently accepting new projects. To talk with me about your project, please get in touch.

Welch Property

WordPress Blog Design and Development

Welch Property is an ambitious new family-run property agency who required a new brand and website designed to communicate this ambition to their future and current customers. Market analysis in the local area showed a gap between the huge generic property sites and the more basic efforts of independent property agents. In response to this Welch Property has been designed to be confident and memorable with restrained use of bold colour and typography. This design is complemented by useful interactivity and advanced functionality that is tailored to the customers requirements including maps highlighting routes to local amenities and a tenant portal allowing current tenants access to key documentation and support services.

Currently in development this site is built upon HTML5 and Responsive CSS3 including use of jQuery and Google Maps API. The back end uses an enhanced version of Expression Engine, a PHP CMS using the CodeIgniter framework.


Web Application Design and Development – University Dissertation

Combining a range of skills picked up throughout my university studies and internship GigMatcher aims to make things easier for live music fans by providing gig listings and gig email alerts based on their personal music taste.

Extensive research has been carried out to identify how best to build and maintain a complex web application and how to design an intuitive user interface that, when combined with the personalised user data, provides a real improvement over traditional ticket retailers. Using the data provided by the user and combining this with a database or artists and events each gig can be given a unique rating appropriate for the users taste which determines which gigs are recommended to a user.

Built with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery upon a back-end which uses CodeIgniter with PHP and a MySQL database. The application interacts with numerous third party API services including Google Maps, Facebook, Last.fm, Twitter and EchoNest in order to import a users musical taste from their social networks and to maintain a large database of artists, locations and events. Advanced techniques incorporated include queue management, batch email processing and self cache control.

Usability is a particularly important part of the project with time dedicated to ensuring the site established itself as a distinctive brand whilst remaining consistent in style throughout the large website. Making more complicated processes like signing up and importing artists as easy as possible whilst equally ensuring gig listings both on the website and in emails are simple enough to read at a glance were two key aspects in ensuring the application could become a viable solution in the ticket retail market.

Alongside the dissertation report a full working prototype was also submitted which all contributed to gaining my degree with first class honors. I am now working on continuing to expand and improve upon the prototype to a production standard.

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Pixely Travels

WordPress Blog Design and Development

A personal project to give myself a way to keep people updated with my travels this was a chance to design a little differently to my recent work with the result being a graphically rich representation of a physical journal. Care was taken to retain a sense of simplicity by carefully selecting a which textures to use and by restricting the design to specific colours and tones.

Features of the blog include a 'passport' with at-a-glance information such as my current location and number of countries visited as well as a full page map tracking my progress around the world.

Pixely Travels is built as a custom theme for the WordPress platform using HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript with the Google Maps API and a small helping of responsive design to improve the experience for users with smaller screens (full responsiveness for mobile devices coming soon).

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Zoom Office Chairs and Furniture

E-Commerce with Bespoke Content Management System

A large e-commerce site for Zoom Office Chairs and Furniture allows for customers to intuitively search through the collections with interactive search functionality enhanced with jQuery and AJAX. The complex product database allows for customers to customise their purchase with different additions, fabrics and colour choices. Payment is processed securely using SagePay and PayPal payment solutions.

My role in this project required integration of provided static templates into the bespoke Fanatic CMS originally developed whilst adding the search interactivity. In addition work was required to expand the core CMS with new advanced administrator functionality including order management, detailed site analytics tools and email marketing tools.

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Shire Congress Posters

Bespoke Document Management System

Working with Cypher Media, I helped produce a bespoke document management system built upon the PHP framework CodeIgniter. The system produces public and private access to downloads including functionality such as user access levels support, QR code generation and analytical reports in HTML, PDF and Excel formats using the Google Analytics API. Tools used include PHP, MySQL, jQuery and TCPDF.

My responsibilities on this project included working with the in-house team to provide technical advice and support during the planning and production of the project alongside production responsibility for advanced functionality.

Mark Carey Photography

WordPress Website Development

Clean and modern, this WordPress website for Mark Carey makes a great platform for presenting his documentary style photographic work with interactive galleries and blog posts featuring large imagery throughout. Continuing work with Leaf Communications this is built with HTML, CSS with plenty of enhancement from JavaScript and jQuery based on a design and brief from Leaf Communications.

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Integration of Bespoke Content Management System

Continuing to work with Fanatic Design on their bespoke content management software Ergochair my role on this project included further improvements and additions to the CMS software whilst adapting the provided static templates and expanding upon functionality such as adding distributor management integrated with the Google Maps API to allow users to find nearby distributors.

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Welsh Pony & Cob Society

Development and Integration of Bespoke Content Management System

Working with Fanatic Design I helped deliver the new Welsh Pony and Cob Society website using an all new content management system.

Fanatic wanted to transition their work towards using PHP instead of ASP.NET and had a very clear vision for how they wanted their bespoke content management system to look and behave. Using the existing open source Concrete5 CMS as a stable foundation for the Fanatic CMS it is complimented with a bespoke, Fanatic designed, interface and expanded with new functionality tailored towards the businesses that will implement the content management system.

My role in the project involved the development of the core new Fanatic CMS and transitioning their static site templates into fully functioning and editable page temples within the structure of the CMS.

Following this project I've continued working with Fanatic on implementing the CMS on numerous new websites and adding additional functionality as required.

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Foden Photography

WordPress Website Development

A highly textured design allows for Foden Photography to make a big impact within their market. The site includes a distinctive homepage showcasing large photography alongside a fully featured blog and interactive galleries.

Built with HTML, CSS and jQuery using designs supplied by Leaf Communications the website is built as a custom theme for the WordPress CMS.

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And Many Many More…

This is just a sample of my recent work, there are many more older works alongside confidential work which are not displayed here. For information about my older work or my abilities please get in touch.

Displayed below is a selection of my recent, past and university work.

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I'm currently accepting new projects and work opportunities starting from August 2013.

If you've got a project coming up I'd love to hear about it and discuss how we can work together. I'm available for remote projects worldwide and on-location work within the South of England.

The time is currently 11:00 pm in London.

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